Tuxie Toosday Confeshuns

Miles asked reel nice if I was gonna tell my sekrets, so I guess I'll gif it a try.

Sanjee's Tru Confeshuns
  1. I do not like green eggses and hams. I do not like them Sammy I ams. Well, reely, the only foods I likes are my crunchies. I gifs my hams to my boyfriendcat Miles.
  2. I don't reely like hafin all these ofur cats lifin in my house. I was here first and nocat askeded me if they could move in. Prolly cuz I'da said no.
  3. I do like Boni best tho. She's a nice sisfur, as sisfurs go.
  4. I only sees Mommy when she comes downstairs. (All those ofur cats hangs out upstairs wif her.)
  5. I luvs to see Mommy when she comes to visit me in my room or in the sunroom, efun tho I acts like I don care.
  6. I likes to claw! Clawin is fun. I gots nise sharp claws too. Just asks Grandma. (I don't meen to make her bleed tho. I just wantsta claw.)
That's all I kin fink of now. I hope yoo likes my sekrets. (Speshully Miles.)

Sanjee the Cat
Queen of HotMBC
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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