Mememememe for the rest of us!

Finny and Buddy tagged me and Mini and Pepi for the 7 Random things meme. And other kitties have asked too. So here we go!

7 Random Facts about Boni Maroni
  1. My name is pronounced "Boney" but I don't get mad if cats pronounce it Bonnie like our friend Bonnie Underfoot.
  2. I am the only one of all of us who is brave enough to sit in the basket at the top of the cat tree.
  3. I'm furry peaceful unless you mess with me.
  4. If you mess with me I'm very fierce. Just ask Mini.
  5. I like our new anchovy flavor treats better than I ever liked Tem-tay-shuns.
  6. I check on Mom when every night late, just to make sure she's ok.
  7. If I'm chilly I go sit right on Mini to get warm. She's toasty.
Boni Maroni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni


7 Random Facts about Mini
  1. I don't sit down or lay down. I flop down. I guess that's why Mom and Grandma call me the floppy cat.
  2. I LOVE attenshun.
  3. I love attenshun so much that if I'm sitting on Mom and she moves to a different chair, I'll let her take me with her to the different chair.
  4. My tummy does not like wheat and corn.
  5. My tasters love most anything tho.
  6. I prefer to do my grooming in Mom's lap.
  7. I like to chase Sanjee.


7 Random Facts About Pepi
  1. I have several cool nicknames like Pepi the Great Hunter, PepiYoureInTheWay, PepiWhatAreYouDoing, PepiGetDownNow, and PepiNoNoNo.
  2. I like to play with malted milk balls.
  3. I have three white hairs on my back.
  4. I prefer using laps as thrufares instead of loungin spots.
  5. I share my kills with Gree.
  6. I love to help Mom make jewelry.
  7. I love Grandma's pets best.
your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. f you haven't been tagged, yet, you are now. hehehe

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