Mancat Monday

Sometimes living inside the house is tough for a mancat. There are these freaky rules the beans make that can be really annoying. Like what is this "sitting" business? Do they think I'm a dawg??? I'm a fierce mancat who's used to going and hunting down my meat. Just because they hunted it and cooked it (???), why should I sit to get it? Can't I at least attack it some? *sigh* I guess not. The rule is "sit to get any treats" and for some reason, the beans think meat is a treat. Funny, I thought it was food. Oh well. If I have to, I'll sit for meat. Mini's such a moocher that I've learned that if I just do what she does, I get more food. She sits. She gets food. So I'll sit. Now give me the meat, Mom!

your bud Pepi

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