Keeping An Eye on the Beans & WCB

Mom and Grandma are both off work now, so we're trying to keep an eye on them. We like to do it from napping positions, though. We're gonna take our lil bed over to the Friday Ark, though. Come on and get on the ark with us. And join in for Weekend Cat Blogging over at ... WAIT! Stop the presses! This is OUR weekend to do Weekend Cat Blogging. Mom, you're not being a good sekritary. We don't pay no mind to calendars!

OK! Efurrycat sign up in the comments of this post for the WCB roundup!!! We'll post the roundup Saturday night, that's tomorry nite.

Now we've got to send Mom to the store for treats for efurrycat and efurrybean for the roundup. Forget the vacation, Mom. We've got stuff for you to do.

Boni Maroni and Mini
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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