Dear Gree

Dear Gree,

Thank you so much for the gift of a real live mouse. I was impressed with your skill in catching such a wriggly little bugger! And I was so touched that you brought it straight to me as a gift!

If it's not asking too much, though, I'd appreciate it if you'd kill your prey before you bring them to me. I'm a wimpy human bean, and I don't do too well with live gifts running over my feet when I reach down to pet you to thank you for thinking of me. I know it's asking a lot, but keep in mind how wimpy we humans are, if you would.

Thanks again, for the mousie gift, sweety.


PS. If you see the mousie again, please feel free to eat it. It's the thought that counts and you already showed you were thinking of me.

P.P.S. Since it's tuxie tuesday, I'm posting this gorgeous picture of you to impress your friends.

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