Boni Maroni's True Confessions

Marilyn MonREOW started a meme on her bloggie called True Kitty Confessions where we gotta confess naughty stuff we do. The rules are to write as many things as we want, any way we wanna write 'em, and tag as many kitties as we want. Victor the Spin Doctor tagged me. Now I have to think of something to confess. Hmmmms.

  1. I'm not patient about getting treats, really. But I've learned that if I play patient, Mom brings me my treats in bed. I love room service.
  2. I've eaten a prune. It wasn't bad. And it was a LOT of fun making Grandma go "Don't eat that! The litterbox gets full enough!"
  3. I did bad and missed Boots and Tess's WCB post at first and didn't get it in til later. :( So pop over if you didn't see it, please. We didn't mean to leave them out!!!
  4. I am not very nice when my sisfurs pick on me. I pop them hard then. But I'm nice otherwise. :)
I tag KC and my Tuxie Gangster Edsel and anycat else who wants to be tagged!

Boni Maroni
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