Tastes Like Chicken!

Mmmmm. This stuff tastes like chick-hen. Quick, Pepi, let's eat it before Mom sees I opened the bag myself.

What Mom? You mean you're going to put this stuff in our food bowl? All the time now? WOW! No Mom, I don't care that chick-hen is the first thing on the list on the bag. It TASTES like chick-hen. That's the important stuff!

Purrrrrrrs *chomp chomp* Purrrrrrrrrs,

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The Gree Reepurrt fur Saturday :)
Mommy's too bizzy dancin around to reepurrt for herself, so I's gotta do it. Gree's blood work stuff (kidney, liver, enzymes, proteins, white count, hemoglobin, platelets and all uf it) came back normal! So it's deffynitely not bad foods! (I's glad a that too.) The nice V-E-T called Mommy furst fing this mornin and Mommy's been all happy bout that and actin silly. Mommy got all complykated talkin about the V-E-T finks it may be gastritis from wheet intollyrants or IBD, but it ain't fallin apart kidneys or nuffin. Mommy didn't want Gree to gotta have surgeries for a biopsy unless she reely reely gotta, so they's gonna see how she does wif the no wheet foods. Gree don't mind cuz it tastes like chick-hen. If her tummy don't settle down, then the V-E-T and Mommy have sum ofur plan. But anyways, Gree's ok and that makes Mommy happy so we's all happy Mommy's not all leeky eyes.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. We's still werkin on owr dis-guy-ses. We'll letcha kno how that goes. Anybuddy wanna cum rob a bank wif us? hehehe


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