No Moooooooooooom! Don't take away my tem-tay-shuns, Mom!!! Nooo!!! I'll be good! I won't jump on Gree any more. I won't jump on Sanjee even. I'll be NICE to every cat and everything. I don't care if my tem-tay-shuns gots corn gluten in them and may be tainted. Whatefur that is. Can't I at least keep one kind? Please Mom? Pretty please?

Mom? Why are you leaking, Mom?

Hmmms. What are these things? Shrimps? Frozen shrimps wif nothing but shrimps in it? Let me try those. Hey, they're not too bad!

UPDATE 4:20pm: Gree's visit to the V-E-T.
Mommy was too skeered to let us say anyfing on the bloggy bout Gree goin to the V-E-T tooday. Her tummy's been sicky again since we gotted a noo bag of Cat Chow, and she's been furry mean an cranky an not feelin good. Gree's had tummy problems afore tho, so Mommy was purrayin reel hard that it's maybe IBD like Mini or just fussy tummy or somefin. Anyways, Gree is FATTER than she was in MarchAnd she's not dee-hy-drated or gots lumps or white gums, , so the V-E-T finks she don't got bad food stuff or seeveere kidney stuff goin on. Mommy says yay! But to be shure and a'cause they don't know jus what's goin on, the V-E-T got sum of Gree's blood and is gettin it annylized. Mommy's got her fingers crossed (so she's typin slo!) that Gree's ok. Bein fatter is a good sign. Well, I'll just get fatter too, then! hehehe Mommy sez we gotta go rob a bank this weekend for all this V-E-T bills. So we's gonna be werkin on owr dis-guy-ses toonite. I fink I'll go as a dawg. That'll fool them doncha fink?

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Mommy sez to tell yoo not to worry, that we's not reely gonna rob a bank and we's reely ok wif munny rite now. We's just bein silly. :)

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