Whiteghosts Wednesday

Wow, there's ghosties all over! Victor said that they have a Throat Stripping Monster (a kinda Ghost) at his house. And the Tummy Ghost has visited Mittens and Mom Toni in the Big Piney Woods too! So we're being extra vigilant that the Tummy Ghost doesn't come back here.

Cheysuli asked what I'd do if I found a Tummy Ghost. Well what I'd do is tell Sanjee and she'd rassle it and attack it like this. (She's big and fierce hehehe)


Pee Ess. Karen Jo's written us some limericks! And we just found out. Silly us to be so slow, but I'm blaming the Tummy Ghosts. hehehe My limerick is here. Sanjee's is here, and Boni's is here.

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