Midnight Monday

Mom made me a manly neckchain this weekend! See how nice it looks against my shiny black fur? When she put it on me I thought, "YUK!" But I figured I'd humor her, cuz she's ... well, she's just a human. heh heh But you know what? I can't hardly feel it at all! It's so light, it weighs about as much as a feather and a half. Not like leather collars or something (them I take off right away heh heh). I've worn my handsome neckchain jewelry all weekend and haven't even tried to take it off! Mom and Grandma say it's a miracle. Silly beans. If collars were this lightweight I wouldn't have bothered to take them off either. Mom's thinking about selling neckchains like mine to kitties who want to dress up extra handsum or purrty. I think that's a cool idea. But I get to keep the first one no matter what! So there!

Your bud Pepi


Yep, I'm scootin in on Pepi's Midnight Monday again. hehehe But I'm soooooooooo happy! My best friend Mistrie said she'd still be my friend even tho I'm an indoor cat now!!! Yay!!! Fank you Mistrie! ::does a happy kitty dance:: AND Mom said I can go outside when I telerport over to visit Mistrie, too! Yay!


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