Magic Mousie

Magic Mousie
In this pikshur here above the letterz, I wuz givin a toy mousie to Grandma fur good luck wif her heart test fingy. And it werked! Well me n Grandma gave Mommy the exact same mousie when she wented to the horse-pittal stable-izashun place. And it werked again! Mommy got better! It's a magic mousie!!!!

This is tha magic mousie.

But yoo know what? Mommy sez that all yalls purrayers and Robyn Appresheeashun day posts n luvs was efun more magic. So fank yoo for helpin Mommy feel better!!!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Mommy sez she's seed all the grate tribyootes but she's only been abul to say fank yoo n leave a note on half of 'em so far cuz yall were so nice to her. She said she's gonna come by n say fank yoo n stuff on ALL of 'em but it may take her a while cuz she's not sposed to ware herself out. So pleeze don't fink yoo's been forgotted!


I like Mini's chair. A lot. ::kitty chuckles::



Mom Almost Fainted

Laurence Simon is the King of the Catbloggers, and the cat purrson who started the Carnival of the Cats. And he said this about Mom Robyn's Day. And Mom almost fainted. hehehehe Fanks Laurence! It was funny to see her go all googly eyed!

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. Mom and KC's Mom both made badges for Carnival of the Cats based on our CotC banner for CotC #142. You can use any of them on your blog. Grab one and link to

Pee Pee Ess. Oh, and don't miss the Carnival of the Cats #151 this week at When Cats Attack. Go see all the poodins!

Pee Pee Pee Ess. We'll make Mom put our CotC badge up when she's got rested up more.

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