Cat Blogosphere Blog Downtime

A 'lectric line to the the buildin the Cat Blogosphere bloggy is hosted at is broke and bein replaced. That meens the web host got no power comin in to it so nofin there werks. The 'lectric guys sez it's sposed to be fixed by 7am EST. So the bloggy and emales will be kapooey while that's bein done. An our emale too, oopsy. So pleeze be pashent and it'll all be fixed when the buildin gets power again. If yoo needs to emale us reel bad, Mommy's backup emale is robyn AT rahcreative DOT com, k?

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Dont miss Pepi's Mr. Litterbox 2007 entry beelow. He looks reel fine in his snazzy tuxeedo. Maybe he shuld becum a tuxeedo kitty too! hehehe


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