Looky! & Spotty Sunday

I gots a noo badge! I's a helper at the cats helpin cats blog :) My Mommy is furry purroud of me. A'course I dunno if she'll be so happee when I tell her we gotta put this badgy on the template. hehehehe

I likes helpin tho, n it'll be fun!

Purrrrrrrrs, Sanjee


Boni's Spot!

And looky here too. I have a spot. Grandma calls it a beauty mark and Mom calls it a smooch spot because that's what my "tuxie twin" Timothy Dickens calls his.

Boni Maroni

And don't furget to visit the Carnival of the Cats over at Pet's Garden Blog this week, and don't miss the Weekend Cat Blogging WCB Roundup tonight at What Did You Eat for more adorable cats like us. hehehe

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