Carnival of the Cats #142

Update: We didn't want to bury the carnival, so we're putting this here. :)
Prayer Circle/Vigil for Luna's Mom and Other Friends in Need
Sunday, Dec 10, 2006 (Tonight) 9:00pm EST (World Clock Time Converter)
at Pet Prayer and Praise Blog
All are welcome to come purr / pray / send pawsitive thoughts regardless of religion (or no religion).
Back to your regularly scheduled Carnival of the Cats!

It's here! It's here! The Carnival of the Cats is here!

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #142! We're furry happy you could join us. Mini is particularly happy because she gets a treat for each bloggy that signs up to celebrate CotC #142! Can you say sssssssssspoiled? hehehe

We may be spoiled, but we luvs our cat blogger friends lots and lots. So this week's Carnival of the Cats is
dedicated to the memory of
Run Free at the Bridge Sweet Kitty

Kitties, yall stop by the snack truck and get your yummies then head on to see all the cats! (Yes, Miles, it has hamm!)

The Carnival Cats

Laughing Muse wants to know: Do you see the egregious cuteness with which I must deal every day!! ...well, that answer would be a "yes" (at least from the other carnival participants.)

Why is John break dancing at If at first you don't succeed...?

Mimi has loads of the adorable factor.

Fort Thalia is the place to be, unless you prefer Fort Ebby instead.

Beezer is enjoying some Sweet Dreamin.

Catch that Cat is "faster than a speeding human."

Annie wants to know How Does He Do It? but we want to know WHY!

Black Catitude and serious Tabbitude are over at Stereophilia.

Furry has avoirdupois, and the (Mostly) Black Cats want to know if that's the kind of thing that should be pointed out in public.


The Manx Mnews cats know how to deal with the Laundry.

Waiting for the birds... is an enjoyable pasttime when you're tired of the barn.

Claw is the Most Favored Neighbor.

Wouldn't a parrot be more traditional? Enquiring cats want to know!

Self-Defense for Kittens is a must for kitties of all breeds.

It's Hungry Out There, notes His Royal Samness.

"I'm ready," says the cat that wants to do Pilates.

Cheysuli is all about Cheysuli with her Selfish Christmas List, and we agree that she deserves a diamond tiara.

Return to the Friday Ark and Carnival of the Cats with Sir Charles.

We love napping in the sun spots, but Rico is in a moonbeam.

Queen Annie expects the sardines to be fresh.

Dolly's guarding the hen house and we are sooooooooo jealous!

In Rascal's World, the trees are getting bigger!

Bibs lets us know that Baby, It's COLD Outside!

Frontporchistan feels the chill. We can't find Frontporchistan on the map though. Maybe we need a new map.

A postcard for Maus. Plus a warm lap.

Sweet little KC shares a Wacky Wednesday photo of her sisfur Missy, and she got a nice surprise herself!

How much is that Meezer in the window?

Condolences from Russ at Tacjammer.

Mycah's surgical followup made us smile.

The Feline Theocracy sets the record straight.

Casper and Skittles are making friends. And they have a BOX!

Grace wants to know what's for breakfast! And she's being booked as The Best Cat in the Universe. We're not sure about that, but we salute Grace for all she's putting up wtih there!

So far so good -- the tree is still standing sans cats as decorations.

Big Mack is not a McDonald's product.

C'mon you men fess up and post your kitty pictures: JJ, Wiley, and Liksie. And we agree that white cat JJ shows up rather nicely here at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats!

Dragonheart gets us straight on Sphynx: The Breed.

Munchkin, Monte and Missy have more moxie at the Adventures of the M's.

Temi catches another one.

Meankitty on Sharing.

Crystal Cat vs cat of flesh and fur.

The Cat's Christmas is a definite must see for feline frolicking and fun.

Orloff's bean says that he is the World's Smartest Cat -- Most Loyal, Too. It sounds like Orloff has a smart and loyal bean too.

Violet and Grace, another dynamic duo?

Mr. Neighborcat stops to get one for the road.

Pip was laying on a toolbox, but when he saw the camera, he sat up! And check it out, Pip looks like Sanjee. Maybe they's related?

Kitty Pictures! (Finally...)

Baby says there will always be an England. And Baby isn't thrilled with the weblog awards server going down, not at all.

Laurence's first cat, first cat cam.

Bean Sidhe ain't slow. He has a lady friend and invited her over. And now it looks as if she has adopted us...

Tigger's pillow looks great to us.

Christmas time is here at StrangeRanger.

"I'm not touching anything, really I'm not." Yanno he isn't!

Check out Sabby's Wakeup Greeting. Love the new perch!

This cat is Out of my League and not pettable anyway.

Tongue n Toes Thursday has real potential, along with Tummy Toosday

Breaking News: Grr and Cocoa are TOUCHING!!!

Boni had a little too much fun with the nip at the snack truck there, but we want to wish you the
Blogging Cat Holiday Greeting:

Merry Christmas and Happy RamaHanuKwanzFest

Thanks for coming to the Carnival of the Cats this week. Mini's going to get LOTS of treats. BIG PURRRRRRRRS from all of us at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats! Next week's carnival will be hosted by House of Chaos, so be sure to go visit them too for Carnival day next Sunday.

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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