Weekend Cat Blogging #77

Yay! It's WCB #77 time here at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats! Welcome to all our cat and human bean furriends. :) There's goodies for efurrybody and toys and nip too! And check out all the cool WCB cat posts below too! Haf fun!

Here's the WCB Cat Blogging Lineup!
Visit the Just Added WCB posts towards the bottom too. They got added a lil late cuz of Mommy's ear infekshun.

Loup-Garou, Zorro and Bean Sidhe show that the The House of Chaos has been a tad chaotic of late with a visitor who knew fun tricks to play. Our bean hasn't been able to write much the past two weeks but that is because she is chronically ill and had a bad time. We did try to cheer her up though.

Bonnie at the Cat Shelter - Purrin' at Pantops features Little Al. Little Al is all black and about 8 months old. He is a former SPCA kitten. He is very active. We say he's adorable!

Abby at Manx Mnews is a star this weekend!

Luna at CatSynth really enjoyed Turkey Day. We may haf to go ofur for leftovers! hehehe

Tigger at PetsGarden defies gravity! Tigger is a gymnast!

Cheysuli is teaching us all about Squidoo. You can join too, efun.

We're sad to hear that Tilly of the Tower Hill Mob wented to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. If you want to leave a nice note for her family, you can.

Sasha is thankful for sunshine.

Passionate Nonchalance shows Rarely Seen Footage with Noosh's Bionic Fang and more.

Burekaboy shares a lot of information about Burmese cats and about his very own 'crouching tiger, yowling dragon'.

Mr. Hendrix says: I started today and will be keeping people updated on the unbelievable amount of Christmas decorations my mommy (a well known "Christmas junkie") is putting up and how I am helping her. Her Christmas Village (sooooooo tempting) went up today and the trees are going up as we speak!

Mu Shue Pooh King tells us that KC needs emergency prayers.

Bookmistress's 3 gray cats
ask if we want one of these!

Boo-licious features a runaway chicken!

Upsie at What Did You Eat does a WCB Photo Op.

Sammy and Miles have a tribute to Tilly to share.

Sam's hogging the remote control at Stillpoint.

Jelly Pizza: I Hope I'm Not Too Late... Nope, yous not too late!

Carrot Boy (pfffft he's a CAT!) is at I Got Two Shoes.

Sigrid is the Purrthday Girlkitty at The World According to Pia

Preggers kitty at Anne's Food!

Louis at Champaign Taste :)

Rosie and Cheeto's things they are thankful for.

Just Added WCB Posts!
Sorry, Mommy has an ear infekshun and slept thru addin these earlier. Oopsy. Please visit cuz they's got reel cute posts tho
Bustopher and Harmon show off their hiding places at Kate in the Kitchen.

Mimi hangs out in the office at Restaurant Widow.

Derby shows us Fang Shui.

Miss Maruschka waits for supper to be served at Rosa's Yum Yums.

Meet Chewy and Yoda at Xenogere.

Molly gets her beauty sleep while Mom prepares for Thanksgiving dinner at Kaji's Mom.

Kai and Xena's Meal Time Etiquette: A Kitten's Guide! (You might learn something here, kitties!)

Patchy Cat is multitasking at the farm.

Ayla the Grump joins in the fun!

Rufus is a BIG cat. Well, big compared to us. And he's showin us how a bobcat has fun.

Kandi isn't feelin so great, but her human hopes she'll feel happy and ok!

JUST ADDED Skeezix had a great advenchur on his Thanksgiving rode trip!

JUST ADDED Dragonheart just joined the family at Caylynn's Contemplates and he has two posts, one here and one here!

Fanks for comin, efurrybody!

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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