Wednesday Woes

I see two PTU*'s out today! I heard Mom talking to Grandma about me and Boni and Dr. Z. That must mean that they're planning on taking both of us to the V-E-T. Ack! I don't want to go see Dr. Z. He's a nice guy and all that, but he stabs me with pokey things. I don't so much like that. Time to go hide. Maybe I can hide with Boni. She's disappeared somewhere and I'd like to disappear too. Lucky for Sanjee that's she's over visiting Miles while his Mom is in the hospital. Maybe if I went over there too? Nah, Sanjee would just hiss at me. I'll go hide with Boni.
~~ Mini

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PTU - Prisoner Transport Unit (or Prisoner Torture Unit, which I prefer)

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