Singin for Mommy

My human has a first name
It's M O M M Y
My human has a second name
It' R O B Y N
Oh I love to sit on her efurry day
And if you asks my why I'll say
Cuz Mommy Robyn has a way
with pussy cats for sure, oh yay!

I hope Mom likes her song. Sanjee helped me write it. Mom's kinda cranky today cuz her thumb is in a splint cuz it's strained from makin it work too hard and she's trying to keep from getting it really bad hurt. So we're hoping her song cheers her up. She's havin a hard time with not saying bad words, tho. I guess if you *have* opposable thumbs, it's frustrating to not be able to use them. I guess I'd be frustrated with it too if she couldn't get our anchony treats open. But she can. Yay!


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