Formerly Feral Friday

UPDATE: Dread Pirate Blogger got ofur it! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

When the nice beans rescued me n my brofurs, we were tiny kittens. I was such a baby I still hadded blue eyes! (See in the pikshur up there.) I was furry lucky that I only hadded to spend two days wif those nice beans a'fore finding my permynant Mommy an my furever home. I picked Mommy out when she camed to look at us kittens. I crawled right up her arm and said, "I pick you!" wif a real loud meow. She a right smart bean, so she said ok an taked me home. :)

I'd nefur efun imagined there was so much food in the whole wide wurld as I founded when I came to my furever home (the House of the Mosly Black Cats)! A'cause I was so tiny, Mommy maded moosh wif kitten chow for me. AND there was a whole big bowl of un-mooshed kitten chow too in case I gotted real hungry a'tween meals. I didn't unnerstand at furst tho. I thoughted I still hadta fight somecat for food, cuz efun me an my brothers foughted each ofur to get milk from our mommy cat an for scraps we founded.

That furst night I was at my furever home, when Mommy was eatin somefin, I jumped up and stoled some right outta her bowl. It was a wet salty fing that was almos too big for me to carry in my lil mouf. Mommy said it was a boiled peanut. She said I couldn't haf that. Well I wasn't gonna let her take my stolden food! So I growled real loud at her and skeered her off so she couldn't take my food. She made funny noises (Mom note: laughing!) so I took the food an hided. She really wanted her food back, she efun crawled on the floor an tried to get unner the couch to get it away from me. But I was smart an deetermined, so I just squeezed in a real small spot wif my loot and she 'ventually got tired and wented away. You know what tho? Boiled peanuts are not real good food. I couldn't get it open to eat it! So I just licked sum salt offa it. Then I wented to find Mommy and take a nap on her. I figgered out right off that she was warm and soft to nap on.



Well, Dread Pirate Blogger is at it again. I can't post my FFF pikshur. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Bad Blogger, Bad!

Happy formerly Feral Friday anyways tho!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


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