Carnival of the Cats #134 on All Cats Day

Welcome to Carnival of the Cats #134!

It just so happens that our hostin the Carnival of the Cats has fallen on All Cats Day. A day to cellybrate all cats. How cool is that? Wheeeeeeeee!

 border=We got our All Cats Day banner from our furriends Kimo & Sabi
Fanks guys!

 border=Our sisfur Mini is partyin it up for the Carnival. Go Mini!

See, Mini gets a treat for efurry cat that joins the Carnival this week. So she's furry excited. Well, we's all furry excited about the Carnival of the Cats bein here, but Mini is specially excited.

Let's go visit all the Cats in the Carnival! (And yall just pretend that you's can hear Mini munchin away at a treat for efurry cat. hehehe)

A note from our cat staff: Dread Pirate Blogger, famed for eating posts and not allowing photos to be added to blogs, tried to eat the Carnival. Well HA! It's fixed. And a warning to said Dread Pirate Blogger: I have a copy and will post it elsewhere if you don't cut it out you scum!
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Beau Beau presents Beau Beau's Gotcha Day posted at Beau Beau and Angelica's Fur Days.

Fanks for coming to the Carnival of the Cats! Have a great week!
Sanjee, Boni, Mini Pepi and Gree

"So long and fanks for all the treats!" ~~ Mini

Pee Ess. We'll be adding kitties joining later, throughout the day too. :)

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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