Weekend Cat Blogging 69

We're hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #69 here at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats!

First, we're furry purroud to introduce our furriend KC, who is now an Offishul Ree-porter of the Cat Blogosphere! Let's hear it for KC! Fanks for all your ree-portin work!

KC is ready by the fax machine to catch all the incomin news!
Now let's see who else is cat bloggin this weekend!

Phoebe is in repose, and looking furry beautiful, I might add.
Miss Ellie's page shows us the the A thru Z's of Cats
Bustopher blogs for WCB at Kate in the Kitchen!
Taboo protests at Jelly Pizza.
Ywette can't believe they ran out of cat food.
Boo-licious's blog is taken over by cats!
Heather shares camera woes and a receipe that her cats like.
Mao and Duchess are couch potatoes at Kross-Eyed Kitty.
Babanooshkins isn't feeling very well. We sends purrs and purrayers!
Skeezix the Cat, and sometime director/producer, has produced another movey.
KC is ever watchful for all the news fit to print.
I Got Two Shoes is playing Where's the Waldo with Mattie.
Luna of CatSynth is busy helping out with equipment and keeping an eye on the weather.
Fluffernutter finds a perch at Restaurant Widow.
His Majesty Kiki Der Dritte is said to have a superiority complex.
Boots and Tess are into (not in a) jam this week.
Oh my, Tiggy's in a compromising position!
Little Cat Zee shows off her bitey collection.
Upsie shows off her favorite herb - catmint!
Check out the Angry Cat Vents at Belly Timber.
Frankie and Sammy want no part of the camera this week.
Uh oh, the cats have been disturbed while they were sleeping at Lali et Cie.
Rufus the bobcat rests after a busy day Saturday.
Lucky is one very wet black cat.
Sergei is a TUXIE and a mighty hunter.
Grilled steaks lured these kitties at S'Kat and the Food onto the table.
Fat Eric shares a cat poem.

New WCB Schedule Calendar, so everyone can figure out where WCB is going next. Woo!

Add your WCB links to the comments or email them to us. We'll get them posted as soon as we can as we go through the weekend :)

It's gonna be fun!

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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