Purrthday Pix Finally

We cellybrated our purrthday (August 1) the weekend after it. But first the camera wouldn't let out the pictures. Then the Dread Pirate Blogger wouldn't let us put our purrthday pictures up before. Then Mommy had a sicky tummy. Oh what a mess it was tryin to show off our pictures. But we got them up now finally!

Grandma and Mommy setted up our picnic table for our purrthday party so the Squillions could come too! See Mini helping Grandma?

Sanjee was havin not so great a day and didn't wanna come hang out with us, so Grandma and Mommy put our party plates down on our picnic table for us. We got TUNA!!! (Grandma had said we were gonna have salmon, but she got us fancy white albacore tuna instead. YUM!)

This is a close up of Mini's party plate. The party theme was Tuxie cats! And the beans didn't even try to make us wear hats. Woo hoo! The theme Tuxie kitties wore the party hats for us.

Grandma and Mommy went to Sanjee's room and took her party plate to her. Plus scritches from Grandma. Sanjee likes Grandma's scritches best.

So Sanjee got her tuna water (that's her favorite part) on a party plate delivered to her own room!

After we ate all that tuna, me and Mini crashed out with Mom and the Squillions. The Squillions didn't eat any cuz they don't eat much, but they were all smilin and happy for our purrthday party. We were glad they got to stay until after the party!

Fanks lots Mom and Grandma for a yummy tuna purrthday party!
Boni and Mini
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

PS Gree and Pepi got special treatsies too for our purrthday, delivered right to them in purrson, but the camera was being bad so there's no pictures. I saw out the window tho and they were furry happy with their treatsies (tuna and temptations). Pepi and Gree say fanks too!


Fanks too to Grandma and Mom for our purrthday party!

WEEKEND CAT NEWS! I's posted the weekend cat news at the Cat Blogosphere. I's gonna try to do it efurry week mostly. See what's up!

~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Heather is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #62. Thanks Heather! Go visit the other kitties at WCB too!

Oh, and Carnival of the Cats is going to be hosted by Red Peonies this week. Come see all the kitties on Sunday!

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