Now Mom Has Gone Crazy!

Green Wall Shelter kitty crazy! Look what Mom did!!!

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We now have squillions of Green Wall Shelter kitties in our living room. I thought rearranging the living room was crazy. But this?!?!?!

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Mom says it's my fault. (Beans are like that.) She said I told her to go to Green Wall Shelter to look and see if any more kitties needed 'dopting. Yeah, I did do that. So she went to the last Green Wall Shelter in the norf Richmond area to check. There were just a few squillions left, so she decided to foster alllllllll of them. There's 12 of them!!! Good thing these squillions from the litter of squillions are all nice kitties.

Do you wanna 'dopt a Green Wall Shelter kitty? Famblies that don't got one get first picks. Then if there are more that need homes, anyone can 'dopt them. Just go here to get our email address and send us an email please. :)

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I'm skeered Mini has plans to corrupt them while they're here. I mean, look at her! *giggles*

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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