Happy Purrthday Mommy!

We couldn't get holda Grandma's credit cards, so we hadta make Mommy somefin. We maded her a card. We hopes she likes it. We all signed it wif our paws. The 'ramic kitties couldn't really do dat so they signeded wif their noses. hehehe I hope Mommy don't notice the black marks where we gots ashes on the carpet signin wif our paws.

Happy Purrthday Mommy!
Sanjee and Boni and Mini and Pepi and Gree and Fatty and Onyx and Mac and the Squillions

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Litter of Squillions Update

The kitties are gettin dopted one by one and we finks we gots who goes wif who right. If we don't got it right tell us and we'll fix it up fast!
The Zoo is 'dopting Sherbie we finks, and her name is short for Sherbert.
Ayla is 'dopting Naran, we finks, and her big name is "Naranja" and that means orange in Spanish.
Emma and Emma's Kat are 'dopting MinMin, we finks. MinMin is nameded after our Mini, but she promissed not to be a moocher.
Grr, Midnight & Cocoa are 'dopting Darkle, named for Darkling cuz he's dark, cuz he asked to go live wif them.
Luna in Spain is gonna dopt a kitty too!!! We don know which kitty yet. Trixie Too wants to go live wif Luna!I guess Luna's gotta ask if any of them speaks Spanish. I can say ¡Hola! Does that count?
Missy is dopting Theo!
Danielle is 'dopting Butterscotch. :)
Oreo is 'dopting Pitch!
Rose and the Royals are adopting Daisy!
Orinch ("Orange" in Buddy-ese) is thrilled to be 'dopted by Deb T :)
and Hathi is goin to be 'dopted by Beau and his Mommy.

Alllllllllllll the squillions we fostered here are 'dopted now. Yay!

'ported by Sanjee (I stolded the blog back! hehehe)

More Cat News!

Boni posted the story of the Green Wall Shelter Kitties at the Cat Blogosphere
in case anycat new wanna learn bout them. She updated it tonight cuz she figgered out she left out Timmy's 'ramic kitty.

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