Pets and Problems

Lookie! We got pets too!

Derby and his mum discovered that the Green Wall Shelter had kitties to dopt, and Vir-ginger came to live with them. He and his mum have been helpin bloggin kitties dopt them too! We sent our Mom down to the local Green Wall Shelter and there were 3 kitties left to dopt! So we inside girls each dopted a pet kitty. Mine is on the left, and she's a black tabby. Boni's is in the middle and she's a gray tabby, and Sanjee's is on the left, the black tabby with more pink ears.

But we have a problem. They need names! The shelter here didn't give them names. And "Mini's Pet" sounds kinda silly. Will you help us name them? I sure hope so!

~~ Mini

PS Pepi and Gree thought takin care of pets outside was too much, so said they'd play with our pets when they're outside.

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