Like I Suspected, Stinky Tube, Purrayers

Like I Suspected
Yep, I got taken to the V-E-T yesterday. *sigh* The lady even tricked me into getting into the plastic box to go there. How embarassing. But it was even more embarassing when I got there. That V-E-T guy poked and prodded and even stuck a therMOMeter in my.... well you know. Then to add injury to insult he stabbed me with a needle! Now I understand why Mini said the V-E-T's is a stabby place. Oh well. The mom lady said I don't have to get a rabies stabbing for another 3 years now. I can wait that long at least. But I'm a tuff guy, and I survived. I even forgave the lady. She's obviously ignorant of how undignified and ouchy it is at the stabby place.
~~ Pepi


Stinky Tube
Pepi had to go to the stabby place yesterday. I didn't though. Yay for me. :) But then today Mom attacked me with that tube of smelly stuff. I'm still holding my paw ofur my nose! Mom says it's an advantage of some sort and it makes fleas go away. But it sure does stink bad. I don't like the stinky tube.
~~ Gree


Purrayers for Grandma
Lotsa beans needs our purrayers right now. We sends purrs and purrayers and happy headbutts all the times to all our furriends beans and to our poodin furriends that needs them. If you gots extras tho, our Grandma could use them. About 50 sleeps from now (Toosday, Mommy says), Grandma's gotta get a heart test thingy done and she may have to get a thingy put in her veins and stay at the Bean V-E-T Place ofurnight. I don know the details, but it sounds skeery to me. So please send any purrs and purrayers you can to our Grandma for Toosday. We luvs our Grandma furry much and want her to be all ok and get to come home Toosday night so we's can look after her poodin style.
~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

PS Do you likes what we did wif puttin our piktures wif our own postins? hehehe

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