Catolympics Fun

I telerported home just to make Mommy tell Oh we had a good good time at the Catolympics openin ceremony last night. Beau was the emm cee and he did so good and looked all handsome and purrfessional. After the lightin the cauldron -- won't Mistrie purrty doin that? -- Ramona and Harper did a Sumo wrestlin thingy to show us all. Wow, they were fierce! Patches was so good introducin stuff too! I felt so special gettin to be there.

Then after the offishul ceremony, a bunch of us gotted together and hung out. We even danced! I gotted to do the hokey pokey with Derby, even! And Timmy was boogeyin all ofur the place. And Beau was shakin his bum. And Angie sachayed round the floor. We all had such a good time. We hadded to go to bed kinda early tho so we wouldn't be all worned out today. It'd be bad to be worned out for the Catolympics games tonight!!!

I can't wait for the games!!!

Oh yeah, Mommy said I have to tell yall that Mini said fanks lots for all the feel better wishes. Her tummy is all ok now. (And she tried to eat EFURYthing at the mess hall and dinin room at the 'lympics. hehehe) There Mommy, I told 'em. And some extra. hehehe

~~ Sanjee



PrincessMia said…
Good luck guys!
It is great having you here at the lympics...only 15 minutes till the competition starts!!!

Patches Lady
Unknown said…
Good LUCK! BuENA SuerTe chicos! Luna =^.^=

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