I'm the (mostly) badass cat

Mom reread Interview with a Pest by Max Thompson. It made her sad not to be helping a cat blog. So I said I'd blog some. Just to make her happy so she gives me more treats.

Badass Bendy

I'm Tango. Our house used to be called HotMBC House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. But I'm the only cat living here now and I'm not black.  So I made Mom come up with a new name.  I did not think she would figure one out. But she's creative. Got to give her that. So now it's HotMBC House of the (Mostly) Badass Cat.

Nice to meetcha.


Whoo hooo....we can't wait to read more of your Badass Cat posts!!!

The Florida Furkids

ps - put your link on the Cat Blogosphere to let everyone know you are back!
pilch92 said…
That is a cool name for a blog. Nice to meet you.
Thanks Florida Furkids. It's hard to think between naps. But I'll do it

Pilch92, thanks!
Lovely to meet you, Tango. I have added you to my reader.
The Island Cats said…
Hi ya, Tango. Nice to meet you.
Memories of Eric and Flynn - I have heard of you. The Hotties passed stories down. Good to meet you too. Thanks for adding me.
Island Cats - Hi! It's good to meet you ~Tango
How nice to meet you, Tango! I'm glad you introduced yourself.
Great to meet you too, Summer! I knew there were friends out there and here I've found some. ~Tango

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