Mar 23, 2012

#SciFiPawty Tomorrow!!!

Tha famous @BorisKitty 3rd annual #SciFiPawty is Caturday March 24 frum 11am EDT to 11pm EDT. I cannot waits! It is tha best pawty of tha year and it make Mommy SOOOO happy dat she give me lots and lots of skritches a'hind tha ear.

"What is SCIFIpawty? Quite simply, SCIFIpawty is the first and only virtual science fiction convention & party hosted by animals for animals on" 

I a'cided this year to do 2001/2010 costumes in honor a Mommy. Dat 2001 ruint her brain when she wuz only 5 or 6 years old, but she is furry happy about dat! So here's for you Mommy!


Sanjee in the Pod-Can

Sanjee talks wif Heywood Floyd about run away frum Monolif.

I hopes you can comes! It for One by One Rescue in honor of foster kittehs Tippy and Drizzle who didn't make it from FIP. If you got a couple pennies and you can, pleez donates a $1 or $2, it add up!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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