Jan 26, 2012

Black Out and Light Black

You would think we'd had another blog black out from the lack of blogging around here lately. Mom says she's working her fingers to the bone. I haven't seen any bones, though. I think she is fibbing. Maybe if I nibble her toes she will do better. It's worth a try.

Sanjee's duck George won a pet pawtrait at the last #Pawpawty from Cheshire Kitten. Mom is going to get a pawtrait of Gree, the Light Black Tuxie. So here are a bunch of pix of her.

This one is one of Mom's favorites.

This one is too.

This is not one Mom wants for a pawtrait.

Is that enough Cheshire? Mom says she can find more if you need them.

Boni Maroni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni