Jewelry Assistant

Since Mom's got under the weather with her new-moan-yah and now whooping cough, I've been helping her make jewelry. She says I am a big help. I knew that already. I am a cat. Of course i am helpful.

Mrs. Othello the Jewelry Assistant
Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur

Pee Ess. For more helpful cats, stop by Weekend Cat Blogging and tomorrow the Carnival of the Cats. And enter them. All you have to do is leave a cat post link. Piece of cake. I like cake.


Angel and Kirby said…
We are so sorry your Mom now has whooping cough! Our Mom said she had it as a child and it was horrible. Snuggle up close to Mom but do not get on her sore ribs!
We are sending healing purrs that your mom will be feeling better soon.

Truffle and Brulee
I bet you are an excellent help. Purrs to your Mum--is it really WC or is a cough that sounds like that?
Mariodacat said…
Oh Gree - you do a good job helping. M wore her braclet this afternoon and she could tell it was done with expert care and paws. Good going girl.
I hope your human feels better soon! Until then, maybe you should take over ALL the jewelry making, Gree!
Eric and Flynn said…
Your poor mum, we hope she is soon feeling better. We can see what a great help you are to her.
Prancer Pie said…
Purrs fur the Mom! We lufs that necklace you are helping her wif. Our Mom says we are ALWAYS alot of help. MOL!
Mr. Hendrix said…
You are a very helpful kitty! We know your mommy appreciates all you do. We are so sorry she feels so poorly. We will send many many healing purrs and prayers to her.

Until then, a big kitty fur pile will make her feel good
Mark's Mews said…
We bet ya are very helpful by tapping the piece of jewelry to be used next!
Carolina Cats said…
Yore poor mom bean! We hope she feels better soon. Mrs. Gree, that's furry nise of you to help mom. I like making stuff too, so I help my mom whenefur I can.

Yore frend Buddy
Oh is dat why yur Moms joolry is so pawsome? Keep up da great werk! Tell yur Mom to eat lots of antioxidants foods and drink lots of water and schmaybe drinks green tea so she willget better lickity split! We are purring for her good health.
Cat said…
Do you sell your jewelry online?
Yes, Mom does at :)

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