Apr 19, 2011

Mommy Met Flat Chey!

Mommy sez the stoopid weather didn't cooperate but she hadded fun.

Frogstrangler and Fog on Mount Afton

Mommy sez dat is when she could see sum. She said sumtimes she couldn't see dat car in front of her at all. Mommy maded it tho!

Georgey got to meet Flat Chey in purrson! He wuz honored.

They was eating lunch when they noticed dat people were standin round outside staring. They look and see Flood!

Oh oh. Some cars got water up inside. Mommy had to go rescue her car n take it up hill more. Her car did not get water up inside. Yay!

Mommy said pooey dat her pix of Chey's peoples did not come out good. Pooey on dat. But she hadded grate time and is glad she gotted to see thems! Maybe Flat Chey can come to the House of the Mostly Black Cats sometime.

Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

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