Purrs for Mini Pleez

Mini is not feelin goods. Her tummy is messeded up n she gots bloody stoolz tonite. So Mommy gotta take her to tha v-e-t in tha mornin. Pleez send her lotsa purrs. She iz annoyin but we luvs her.

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We will purr hard for you. Having a big belleh that feels bad is no fun. Cheysuli knows how you feel. We hope you are not nearly that sick though!
Oh no! I am purring very hard for you, Mini - I hope the vet fixes you up tomorrow!
Purrrs and lots of healing vibes for Mini!!
(((((((((HUGS)))))))) from your TX furiends,
ML said…
Please keep us all posted.
Mini, we is all purring fur you, all tha Sherwood Bunch and the Taylor CatSSSSS.
We hope it's only sumfing like himmer-royds.
Love & Purrs,
Mini, we're both purring SUPER loud for you, I hope it's nothing serious. *smoochies*
Sweet Praline said…
Purring hard for Mini!
Mariodacat said…
Aww, I'm so sorry Mimi has a sick tummy. Hope she'll be okay and dat the vet can giver her some magic potion pill to make it all better. Healing purrs to Mimi. Purr purr purr purr purr.
Hannah and Lucy said…
We're sorry you aren't feeling well Mimi - we hope the v-e-t makes you all better again.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
Kea said…
Mini, we're sorry you're not feeling well, sweetie. We're purring hard for you and sending healing Light, hoping there will be an easy solution. Good luck at the v-e-t.
Daisy said…
Harley and I are both purring for you, Mini!
Eric and Flynn said…
We are sending you lots of purrs Mini.
Anonymous said…
Sending purrs and healing light to you that you feel better.
Sendin lots uv purrs fur u andu gets bettur soon!

Let us know what am wrong...

Lady Miri Gentlepurr

and da Katie Katz
Angel and Kirby said…
We are sending purrs to Mini. We know she will be better soon!

Feel better Mini!!!!
Mini honey,

I lovez you sweetie piez. I can't beleevz you iz sicky. Dis iz terrybull newz! You mustee goez to da V-E-T & lets him fix youz up.

I cannot standz fur my sweetie-pie to nots feelz good. So I will bringz you some chix-hen broth & some nice are-you-vetic meddysin. Mebbe some lavender smellin' sashayz to helps you rest up?

I am on my way oevfur right now to stay wit you... I willz evfun goez wit you in da PTU & we canz howl togedder.

Kissez to my speshul girl,
Dr Tweety
Sending lots of purrs and tail wags for Mini and worried mom.
The Crew said…
Mini dear, we sure hope you'll be feeling like your old self soon. We'll be purrin' for you!
Cindy said…
I hope you get to feeling better soon so you can get back into mischief!
Oh Mini we are so sorry you are not feeling good - we are sending you tons of purrs and prayers to feel better quickly! We hope your tummy gets fixed quickly and we hope your vet visit isn't to bad!
meowmeowmans said…
Mini, we are purring and praying real hard for you, sweet one. We hope you are better real soon.
Sending healing purrrrrss and a comforting head rub to Mini. We're hoping her V*T fixes her up soonest.

Oh no, Mini did yoo eat somefing bad? Like a bug dat wasn't ripe yet...We'll purr and purray dat it's just dat, a stoopid unripe bug.
we is purring furry hard. Me n Sanjee is on our way back there to wait and hold her paw wif efurryone. - Miles
Forty Paws said…
We are sending tons of purrs to you Mini!!!

Luf, Us
SuziQCat said…
Sending purrs your way...hope you feel better soon!

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