Mancat Monday

It's about time we got to blog. I know Mom's had this horrible ear infection that won't go away all the way. But this is ridiculous. All our friends are going to forget us! :( This mancat says, "TYPE for us Mom!"

The Pepster

Pepi, Mancat of the House


Oh our purrs to your Momma. Ear things are the worst! At least that's what our Momma says because she had lot of them.
The Creek Cats said…
Lots and lots of healing purrs for your mom!
Naw, your friends won't forget about you. They'll just be glad to welcome you back.

Hope your mom's ear infection has cleared up and she is okay now.
you tell her! oh BTW - Sanjee's still living wif us. Let us know when you want her and Miles to live wif you. (not that Sanjee's bad or anything, but I welcome any opportunity to get Miles out) - Sammy
Cathy Keisha said…
TW's has that ear/dizziness thing for over a year. I'm not saying your typist is old but TW says it's part of getting old. She's learned to live w/it.

I'm glad your posting again.
Mariodacat said…
Oh no Petster - we'd never forget about you, but we sure did mis you and your family. Hopefully your mom is all better now.
Hi Pepi! We are sorry your mom has a nasty ear thing - we are sending her purrs for it to go away for good!

And don't worry - we could never forget you!!
Angel and Kirby said…
Pepi, we could never forget you. We purr that Mom's ear gets better, soon
Ayla and Iza, said…
We're purrin fer yer Mom's ear. And fer you getting ta post more often...

MOL! Our Werd was "sic au". That must be "sick aural" (ear infection).
The Island Cats said…
Good to see you, Pepi!!
AFSS said…
We could never forget you.
OKcats said…
Busy (and sick) mom's are No Fun. We've barely just met you, so we won't forget you!

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe
Ear problems are NO fun... but she is still your assistant! Maybe if you purr in her ear, it will help it to get better.
Sweet Praline said…
Just tell your mom to upload a picture each day and let the kitties come up with a caption!

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