Furrends Toosday

Ok maybe it a lil weird to be a furrends toosday but dat what today is. Petie the Cat is our grate furrend n he is sick n needs alla the purrs n purrayers n pawsitive energy we all can sends him.

Yesterdy when mommy wuz at lunchtime we founded out dat our furrend @Petiethecat is furry furry sick. He mite haf a bad infekshun the emergensee vet couldn't find or he mite haf a tuumor. But he is bak home n gots pain stuff so he can rest and he eetin sum n drinkin lots. Da vet said he mite gotta go to tha Rainbow Brdge soon, but we hopes not.

Mommy puttin updates om her Fasebook when she heers them, so yoo can look dere if yoo wants. She is sendin him n his mama n daddy Reikis too. We is goin to purr and purray fur him n his fambly hard today. Pleez send Petie purrs n purrayers n pawsitive energies too.

Yoo can send nise werds to Petie and his mama on Twitter or light a candle fur his healin, or leaf a comment on his bloggy (tho he don't blog much - we will tell him there is comments thare). If yoo tweets yoo can also show yore support wif dis We <3 U Petie twibbon dat a furrend made.

Fank yoo!
Alla Us Hotties


deer Sanjee - I will come ofur and purrrr n purray wif you. ok?
purrsss n nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Kea said…
Lots of purrs and healing Light from us...We don't do Facebook or Twitter and see his blog is quite out of date. So we'll leave our message here, if that's okay.
The Island Cats said…
We're purring for Petie and purray that he will get better.
It very ok to leave comments at his bloggy. We will tell him and his mama that folks is leavin good wishes there too! Fanks!
We will purr hard for him.
Mariodacat said…
We are praying & purring very hard for our dear friend Petie. We are so worried. Thank you for posting this.
We are sending out lots of purrs and prayers for Petie - we hope he will be ok!!
Cindy said…
We'll purr and pray. Poor little guy.
I have been purring lots for Petie! I'm very sad that he is feeling so badly.
Busy Buttons said…
Oh, no! Mom goes on vacation, I get behind in Twitter and blog reading, and then I find out that our Petie is super sicky?! That's terrible! Lots of Petie prayers are in order...
Harry Spotter said…
We are purring and praying for your sweet friend Petie. You are a good friend.
Angel and Kirby said…
We will purr for Petie
Eric and Flynn said…
We are purring for Petie. We have sent our purrs to his blog too.

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