Fankful Fursday

I is furry fankful today that my toofs are ok.

Poor Sammy Meezer, my almost-kinda-sorts brofur-in-law hasta go stay at the v-e-t all nite n then hafs surgery fur his broked off toof. N dat is sads. We Hotties gonna go bisit him at tha v-e-t so he not so lonely while he stuk dere.

I nefur thot much bout my toofs before, but seein Sammy hurtin n hafin to hafs surgery do make me fankful bout my toofs now.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. If yoo can doughnate $1 or $2 or somefin in tha tip jar on tha top rite of The Meezers bloggy to help wif Sammy's surgery yoo git good feelins and git entered in a drawin to wins a neeto wind chime. Fank yoo.


That is too bad about Sammy, but we were over there and at least they have him on good medicine. It stinks he has to go to the vets though.
awww Sanjee, you is just so wonderful! I'm glad you're mine almost-kind-of-sort-of-sisfur-in-law! I loves you all! - Sammy
Noll's Nip said…
I'm sure Sammy will enjoy your visit and appreciates your concern. We are thinking and purring for his successful surgery.
ML said…
Hi Sanjee,
We gived some green papers to help Sammy out, and iffen he doesn't get enuff, we'll haf an aukshun.
I nefurr finked much about mine toofies... but I's glad mines okay too.
Love & Purrs,

pee ess: Try to stay cool and don't melt. Hee hee.
We is purring fur Sammy! We is still trying to figger out how he coulda broked his toof...
Ayla and Iza, said…
We feel for Sammy. An we are caring about our toofs more...
Camie's Kitties said…
We're going to be purring for Sammy all day tomorrow. It's nice of all of you to go visit. We will have to pop in over there after he gets out of surgery.

Tavi, Cody and Gracie
Anonymous said…

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