Jun 26, 2010

Happy Purrthday KC!!!

Happy Purrthday KC!!

Fank yoo for lookin after tha CB and mostly fur just bein yoo. We hopes yoo gets lotsa treets for yore purrthday!

Luv n Purrrrrrs,
Alla Us Hotties

.Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniMini luvs foodsGree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfurPepi, Mancat of the House


Mariodacat said...

Happy birthday to KC, whoever you are. he he. But if you is a friend of the HBC you are a friend of mine too.

Sweet Praline said...

How wonderful that it is KC's birthday! Happy Birthday to KC!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We got over to her party! I brought her a ham!!

ML said...

Wowie, fanks so much, Sanjee an Mom Robyn.
Effurryone, come on over to tha Ice House and let's party.
Love & Purrs,


ML said...

Oh, an tha HAM is delishous, Chey, fanks so much.
It goes furry well wif tha fresh mouse puddin, don't you finks?
Love & Purrs,

Ayla and Iza, said...

We wished KC a Happy Birfday!