Checking it out

I got to check out the new camera cover we got from Eline. It smelled very good. It keeps stuff off the camera in Mom's purse too. Purrfect.

Mrs. Othello
Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur


jenianddean said…
As long as it passes your sniff test, then it must be good.
Angel and Kirby said…
That is a pretty cover! We can tell you like it
The Creek Cats said…
Your new camera cover is beautiful!! It's funny because mom is on etsy right now looking at camera/cell covers!
That looks excellent. And if it passed your sniff test I think that means it IS excellent.
Derby said…
Put your stink on it, claim it and don't lose the flashy box.
So pretty, she does awesome stuff!
Looks pretty, we bet it smelt funky too!
Parker said…
Very nice and what a good idea!
Eric and Flynn said…
That is a very pretty camera cover.
Sammy and Andy said…
Sniff tests are soooooooo important
Anonymous said…
It's furry purrty! GRRR-8 inspecting!
Wow, we dint even know there WERE camera covers... Cool!

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