May 27, 2009

Thursday Thirteen Embarrassing Beans Meme

Our buddy Fin started this meme cuz she was embarrassed at first by her human bean's behavior sumtimes. Then she realized all beans are embarrassing sumtimes. We knows. Oh do we knows. Here's just SUM of the ways our beans are embarrasin.

  1. Mommy sings like a dyin tree frog. (Dis is kinda common in beans, we finks, but it's still embarassin.)
  2. Mommy frows away purrfectly good real live deaded mousies.
  3. Grandma Cat makes skeery monster snufflin noises sumtimes when she sleeps.
  4. Gree says sumtimes Mommy scoops the box upstares then leafs the poops in a bag next to the box. How stoopid is dat? Is it better outside da box?
  5. Mommy can't fink of a fing to say on her own twitter. *snicker*
  6. Mommy and Grandma Cat both get in rain in the house on purpose. They are nutz.
  7. Mommy is furry embarassin when she takes off her fake furs. She is UGLY nekkid!
    I hope she don't do dat in public.
  8. Mommy can't meow worf nuffin, but she still tries.
  9. Grandma can't see in da dark at all. She trips on me in da dark.
  10. Grandma calls Mini by Boni's name and vicey versy.
  11. Grandma calls Pepi by Mini or Boni's name. Sheesh and he's all floofy.
  12. Mommy talks all silly half da time to me, like I can't unnerstand real words, like I wuz a baby or somefing.
  13. Mommy is lazee and hasn't helped us put our awards on our site like dis cool one we gots frum Derby just dis week. What a rotten sekretary she can be.
We agrees. Beans can be embarassin as ayche eee double hockeystix. They can scritch good tho and their opposable thums are nise.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Tybalt said...

Sometimes I wonder why we put up with them.

And then mommy gives me temptations, and I remember.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh yes, dey is really 'barassing! Sometimes we think der is a bear in mom's room and we run in der to protect her (who would feed us if a bear ate her) only to find da noise is COMING OUTTA HER!

The Crew said...

Gosh, that's terrible!

Fin said...

I feel your shame! Poor cats.

Millie said...

Yeah, I know how you feel. My Mom does some very embarrassing things too.