A box and an open door so I can see the sun. Purrfect Caturday!

Boni Maroni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni


Don't you just luvs boxes! We has em everywhere here now dat momma gots da store! So much fun! hehehe
Eric and Flynn said…
Sounds like you will have a good weekend. We have got the open door but no sun.
It looks just about perfect to me...
Ah yes, caturday, boxes and sunshine...purrfect.
Jasmim said…
Oh that cute! You are very beautiful in this box ^^

Jas & Gi
We like smaller boxes, but hey! Boxes are all cool. We always love ta see a new one come inna the house.
I think the box would work better if it was turned over with a smaller hole for a door. IMHO.

Sunny's Mommy said…
Purrfect! Our kitties love it when we place a box by the door.
What a very wonderful play place!

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