Mar 6, 2009


I do not like slimy stuff on my face. Not even a little bit. Just because I have a booboo on my face does not mean I need slimy stuff rubbed on my face! Sheesh.

I think Mom needs some calming medicines. Just because that was a fierce mouse I hunted the other day, and I got a booboo from it does not mean I need slime! I do not like slime!

Mom SAYS that it's just in case the mouse had a disease. Like that would be worse than having slime slimed all over my booboo several times a day??? Then she turns around and says she's so pleased it's not infected at all. She can't make up her mind. I think the alien donkey ate her brain.

Oh, she says to tell you it's not alien donkey slime she's putting on my face. (I'm not sure she's telling the truth tho. Yuk.) She says it's something called Bag Balm. Hmph. I still don't like bag balm slime on my face. Especially since she rubs it into my booboo good.

Oh well. It's healing good in spite of the slime. I just hope I don't have a scar. Othello might not think I'm so purrty with a scar face.

Mrs. Othello
Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur


The Creek Cats said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on me!! I am feeling better each day!

Elin! said...

I have an award for u!
go pick it up on my blog!

Karen Jo said...

The mousie bit you? Ouch! I agree that slime on the face isn't nice, but it's better than an infection. If it got infected you would have to go to the v-e-t and I'm sure you wouldn't like that.

JB's Big World said...

Slimy medicines are not good but it is helps you, then it is ok. I hope you don't get a scar but if you do, maybe it will give you character?

Eric and Flynn said...

Gree, I know zakkly how you feel. When I caught a mousie the other day I got a little booboo. Mum duzn't know if it was the mousie or a bramble that did it so she is putting goo on my face too. Yup it is yukky.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I don't like slimy stuff either but humans... Always gotta do something like that. They are so annoying.

Kimo and Sabi said...

We hopes yer boo-boo feels better soon!

Camie's Kitties said...

Getting slimed doesn't sound good. We hope that your face heals soon, so you don't have to be slimed much longer.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

Sunny's Mommy said...

She's putting slime on you?! Gross! I think the alien donkey ate her brain, too.

Daisy said...

Ouchie! I hope your boo-boo gets better quickly. It must be a special kind of healing slime.

Princess said...

gross. I have slimy stuff on my face too, sometimes my mom puts slime in my ears !!
I hope your mom is feeling better. the Bronkie itis is a terrible disease!


The Meezers said...

slime is gross! mommy says bag balm is for cows. which would prolly be why she uses it on herself. - Sammy

Deer Sanjee- I doesn't feel good, can you come and snuggle me? - purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

Accept the slime medicine. One of the Cats-Who-Came-Before got a mousie bite that swelled up like a grape an it was real bad.

I saw it myself!


susan said...

Feel better oh great cat friend. Cats shouldn't be sick.

how is mommy doing?

Holly the cat.