Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos #86

Pepi: Um, Mini, I thought it was the SNAX edition?

Mini: Huh? Well, snax are treats! You wouldn't want
to snax on something nasty would you? Snax is treats and treats is snax.

Pepi: Uh, ok. But I thought Mom was going to help.

Mini: Mom is still bizzy fighting the Alien Donkey.

Pepi: Oh. Well you're the hostest with the mostest for foods of any kind.

Mini: We've got all sorts of Snax and Treats for cats who come to the festival. Here's sum hams and toona salad.

Brown Nip Ale and Nip Coffee

Mini: You can take your snax with you to go visit our furriends that are in the Festival today too.

Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail really took care of A Really BAD Dog! over at Tabbylicious: Tristan's Place on the Internet.

Cheysuli Possibly Suffers from Sleeping Sickness. Did you know that? Yep, it says so at Chey's Place.

Nina the Torbie is dreaming on Furry Furiday over at Victor Tabbycat and Nina the Torbie.

Cece enjoys Finally Friday with Temptations! That cat at Mind of Mog knows about snax!

iInfidel goes begging for Temptation on Tuxie Tuesday. Well, maybe.

Mini: Phew, all this visiting is hungry work. Better stop for more snax.

And YES veggies are snax. They're tasty!

Of course, there's Temptations in case you don't like veggies so you give your share to me and the buns.

Mini: (rubs tummy) Ok, now that we're refueled, let's go visit some other furriends.

iMeowza is Laying Around but not rolling around iMeowza. He wants Sally to know that he's not rolling around in it.

Mog is Missing Her Already. Missing Klarissa, that is. Check over at Mind of Mog.

Something big happened on Mar 1, 2005 says Nina the Torbie.

There's something Growing Older posted at House of Chaos. I don't believe it though. I am going to be young and springy my whole life. hehe

Mini: And here's MORE snax. There's no such thing as too much snax.

Mini: Pepi are... Pepi! This is no time for a nap! We're not done yet.

Mini: Brofurs! Oh well, now it's time to wish a happy purrthday to some of our furriends today.

Fanks to the CB for lettin us use their p urrthday graphic!

Happy Purrthday Missy Blue Eyes!

Happy Purrthday Victor Tabbycat!

Happy Purrthday Cherokee!

Happy Purrthday Rusty!

Happy Purrthday Cheysuli!

Wow, that's lot of happy purrthdays. We're lucky to have so many furriends to celebrate with.

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#259 - Artsy Catsy

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And don't forget next week's Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos, which is hosted by EEEEEEK! We need a host!!! Please volunteer! Aunty Astrid has done a lot lot and she really needs some help. Plus Kashim and Othello and Sally need a rest and time to snax too. Fanks, I know you'll help out :)

Fanks for coming!

da Mini (and Pepi too)
Mini luvs foodsPepi, Mancat of the House

Pee Ess. We jsut got the sad news that Bogart's bean Daddy just went to the Rainbow Bridge today after a long illness. Let's all send Bogart and his Mommy lots of purrs.

Pee Pee Ess. You can still submit your post here or email to festivalchaos(at)gmail [dot] com and I'll add your post to the festival!


I thank you for remembering my birthday. It's more than they did at my house until almost noon!

mog said…
Great job on the festival. Loved it and the kitties loved the snax especially the Temptations. :)
wlk's 4 gatos said…
yay! great job here.
Black Cat said…
Great job, specially as your Mom is still fighting the Alien Donkey! I'd hoped she would have defeated him by now! I have the cough and sneezes too (but not as bad as the Alien Donkey) and somehow I've hurt my breastbone and rib cage, so every time I cough or sneeze it's like someone is sticking red-hot pokers into me. Aaaarrrggghhhh! Take care evfurrybody :) xxx
Anonymous said…
Great festival hope your mom feels better soon.

Please visit me on my new blog...

Krazy Kitty Rants
Victor Tabbycat said…
Any treats left? Er, I mean, Fanks! Great job!

Ok, we know sore nees an bronk-eye-tis go togefur, but what's wif my boy's EAR? Him says it hurts. Aunty Biotiks is caring fur him now, too.

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