Feb 12, 2009

Thursday 13 - Overheard

Thirteen Things Heard 'Round Here Lately
  1. Dabbit I hate *ACHOO* dis.
  2. Dis is not fair.
  3. Why did the surgeon have to go to New ZEALAND of all places? What if I need a scrip filled by him? Tell the pharmacist, no I don't have a scrip, the doctor has left the continent?
  4. They LEFT THE HEADLIGHT UNWIRED when they fixed my car? *coffcoffcoff* What kind of idiot does that? *coffcoff*
  5. *hack coff choke wheeze* (repeat as needed)
  6. No, it won't help for you to gib me a rental car while you fix the headlight you should have fixed in December. I told you, I can't drive because of the car accident!
  7. Mini, you're not going to starve to death before I fill the bowl. Really Missy.
  8. (endless hours of the History channel murmuring behind the snores)
  9. Let's go over and see Billy and dance!
  10. Pssssst Mom is still crabby. I'd stay away for a while longer if I were you. When she's awake, anyways.
  11. Did yoo heer Mommy's furriend Chuck was in a car aksident too this weekend? I fink he needs sum purrs too.
  12. Don't eber eber eber get bonchitis wib a cold. It's dot worth it. Just go ahead and croak. It'th eathier.
  13. Out ob my way, I'b going to get anobber ice pak for my knee. Itz killinb me.
Can you tell who's sayin what? And for the things Mom says, can you tell when her cold medicine is running out?

We're thankful for some things in spite of it all. We're thankful Mom is healing up, even if she thinks it's slow as a glacier. We're thankful Mom's friend wasn't mushed to pieces in the car accident this weekend. We're thankful Grandma Cat is here to help keep the food bowls filled while Mom is hacking up her toes (that's what she calls it). And we are thankful for all the purrs for Mom.

All of us Hotties

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniMini luvs foodsGree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfurPepi, Mancat of the House


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Didja pin her down and purr like a bunch of "maniacs"? Dad tolded us dat would make mom's head all better and it did kinda work...at least she is not trying to fall on us alla time. Oh, mom's cold medisin recipe is one cup of strong tea, 1 tsp of honey, one squirt of lemon juice and a generus shot of whiskey! It won't cure but it makes a bean not care anymore. Hehehe. We is purring fur her and fur yoo guys. It's hard when da mom gets sick...hard on effuryone.

The Meezers said...

uh oh, sounds like we needs to haf a nap pile in your mommy!

I think Miles is there - or is Sanjee here? i doesn't know. IT's all so 'afusing with them - they're here and there and then here and there again. - Sammy

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Pepi sweetie, I made you a Valentine's Day card too to post on my bloggy, but didn't even think about Ariel's Valentine's Day bloggy, because Momma has been on a computer hiatus, therefore not helping us blog, sighs!!! But since she stayed home from work today because she feels really lousy, she posted it on Ariel's bloggy for you too! And yes, lets go on that Caribbean vacation, warm weather sounds wonderful!
Many hugs to my sweet mancat boyfriend,
Pee Ess ... Your Mom will have a message from my Momma wishing her luck with her surgery, she knows about bad knee thingies!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That's a big oops, not wiring the headlights.

Hope your mom feels better SOON!

Finnegan Buddy & Jasmine said...

Oh pore Mom Robyn! We are coming ofur to help wif the purring and snuggling.

Finny buddy & Jasmine

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh nos! We are so sorry to hear about Chuck too. And he was so prompt to get out Momma's present that Dad ordered for her for Valentine's Day from C and J! :).

See, he was looking at his stones and asked something about his rose quartz and Momma showed him all the great info your Momma has on her site and then she said, Oh look it those purty earrings and these purty ones and these purty ones... so he probably got her one or more pairs of them... :)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh yeah... Momma felt bad about having him order when your Momma was so sick. We hopes she feels better soon. I was rambling.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Yes we could tell when Mom Robyn's medicine was getting near time for a new dose! Purrrs for her sicknesses to go away soon, the DR to come back from Kiwiland, her friend Chuck to be okay, her car to get fixed right and a very nice day to you all!! We hope Mini isn't wilting away to nothing!!
Your FL furiends,

PDX pride said...

Purrrrrrrrring for your mommy to get over her cold and bronchitis very soon. Keep her warm with your snuggles!

Tracey and Huffle said...

I'm still purring and purring for your mum. It's no fun being sick, and really no fun being sick with a sore knee!

Huffle Mawson

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

Poor Mommy, we hope she is feelin better soon. We are lucky The Big Thing never efer gets sick. Ofer Beins get annoyed at him for that though.

The Big Thing laffed an said ya would think Beins would test things they fix. That headlight thing was silly. Iffen they fixed the engine, wouldnt they try turnin it on after? Weerd.