Sanjee - ::sniff::

Pepi - What's wrong Sanjee?

Sanjee - Mommy is too bizzy cuz of her surgery coming up to help me make a Valentime for Miles. ::sniff::

Pepi - Miles is a good mancat, he'll understand.

Sanjee - But I WANT to make him a Valentime. He's the bestest boyfriendcat in the world.

Pepi - Well he knows that Sanjee.

Sanjee - Well he won't fink I luv him no more and he mite not luv me no more too!

Pepi - Miles will still luv yoo. Just send him an e-card. When Mom isn't so bizzy, you can make hima special "I love you" card just cuz. She's having her surgery next week so she won't be so bizzy soon after her knee heals up.

Sanjee - ::sob:: I wanna make Miles a Valentime now! I wanna make Miles a Valentime now! I HATE that man who hurted Mommy's knee! Where is his pillow so I can poop on it wif Bizzy's pillow?

Sanjee - ::runs off hollering:: I wanna make Miles a Valentime! I wanna make Miles a Valentime!

Pepi - ::shakes head:: Well, I hope Sabrina understands. And Othello. And Dr. Tweety. And Edsel. I sure wish Bizzy would go away and Mom's knee would get better fast. ::sigh::

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyPepi, Mancat of the House

Pee Ess. If your Mom doesn't have to have knee surgery this coming week, maybe you can enter Skeezix's 3rd Annual Valentine's Contest and Ariel's Valentine's Contest.


Victor Tabbycat said…
Can we poop on Bizzy's pillow, too? Our beans is ALLWAYS bizzy.
We's also all sad bout Bear. I guess he couldn't wait to see Buzz an Meep agains.
Oooh, we know all about Bizzy. He's the one that made Mom forget about our blog for a WHOLE YEAR.
So we're just dropping in to say hi & we hope everything's going well for you all! Tell your Mom that we hope her knee surgery goes great!

xo-Pippin, Turtle, and Ava Grace
Hmm... now you've given my human an excuse. Miss Bizzy might come to visit us!
Eric and Flynn said…
That bad Bizzy has a lot to answer for, but we are sure all your Valentines will understand. We hpe your mum's knee surgery goes well and she is soon up and running again.
Anonymous said…
Sanjee don't be sad I sure Mile's will always love you.I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's knee.I hope the surgery goes well and I send her lots of hugs and purrs.
When yoo find dat guy's pillow, da one dat hurted yoor mom, yoo should poop on it right afore he lays his head down. Dat way he will always amember it. We know dat Miles is gonna love yoo wif or wifout a Valentime...he's a good mancat and furry unnerstanding.

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