You've been with Bizzy for days and now you want to take my pikshur?

Newp. I will not pose fur yoo.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Samantha & Mom said…
You tell her Sanjee!! Mom's should be more respectful of our needs not theirs!!
Your (we are almost frozen) FL furiends,
lookit how beautiful my girlfriendcat is efurryone!! she's GORGEOUS!!!!! - purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
Parker said…
That's showin' her Sanjee!
Thoughts said…
LOL, that's frequently the look I get when trying to snap a photo too!
Yeah, we were accomidating to mom when she wanted to nap wif us but den when we wanted to play "jump on mom" in da middle of da nite she got all crabilated and yelled at us!
I wouldn't pose either. You go Sanjee.

How is that knee? Is the biocatalan still helping out?!
meemsnyc said…
You tell 'em!
meemsnyc said…
You tell 'em!
We don't blame you one bit Sanjee. You tell her!
The Island Cats said…
You told her, Sanjee!
susan said…
Sanjay is beautiful.

Does he have a girlfriend????

PDX pride said…
Good going! You showed her!
Thanks for stopping by. Good for you on the Pawparrazzi shun.
Just Ducky said…
Sanjee, you are such a tease!
Everycat said…
Top quality non-compliance there Sanjee. A simple, yet 100% effective response to unreasonable human requests and betrayals.

I am impressed.


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