Jan 2, 2009

What was goin on last yeer here?

I gotted inspired to go look at just what we Hotties were doing at Noo Yeers last yeer. It was fun to look!

We were planning the baby shower for Kimo and Sabi's lil sisser Kiera! (Well, she didn't haf a name yet when we started plannin hehehe) It's amazin tho cuz she's growed so much already!

Mini was trying to get all the whipped creams outta her furst from the Noo Yeers party at Dr Tweety's house.

And we had purrizes to ship out for Kashim and Othello's contest winner cuz we gotted them in the male.

Then Mommy hadta go bak to werk faster than this yeer. Yuk!

Boy, we were bizzy! This yeer we's bizzy purrin on Mommy's knee and listenin to her cuss about it. She sez her ladygardenectomy won't this painful and not for this long. I dunno cuz I've nefur hurted my knee, so I'll take her werd for it. And somefin about Evil Cort-Uh-Zone that don't absorb rite after 4 days. Dunno what dat's about neither, but she's cussin about it the whole time she's sittin wif her knee on a bag of ice. We's also hangin out wif furriends and boyfriendcats (and a'course for Pepi his girlfriendcat) and purrin for alla our furriends in needs.

Anyways, 2008 was a weerd yeer, but a purrty good one fanks to hafin grate furriends! Yay!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. It's The Meezerses 3rd blogaversary today and they's hafin a House Trashin Party to cellybrate. So stop by n tear up sum curtains or sumthin.