Jan 3, 2009

Well poop

I thought New Year's was supposed to bring a new year with new things and fix old things. But there are several things around here that have NOT been fixed.

1. The human beans still take up way too much of the bed and the sofa and the chairs when they get in them. Don't they know that their part is the little skinny section on the far side?

2. Mom still locks all of us but Gree out of her room at night. Well what if I want to play THoE on the stairs at 3am? Or pester Gree? Then I have to telerport to do it. In my own home!

3. Grandma Cat turns on her 'lectric bedwarmer sometimes just so Sanjee can be cozy during the day. Where is MY 'lectric bedwarmer and why isn't it on?

4. That bunch of black boxes on the cabinet makes way too much noise. In stereo. I don't care if it's called a stereo, make it stop. It disturbs my napping.

5. There are not enough sun spots in the living room for all of us cats to nap in. So that wall by the chimney needs to be knocked out to make more sun spots.

6. Yes Mom it is purrfectly ok for me to claw your butt when the litter box needs scooping. Scoop all the boxes every 15 minutes and there's no butt clawing. Easy!

7. Gree thinks she owns the cat bed in Mom's office. Just because she's in it first doesn't mean it's hers. Sheesh. Sisfurs.

8. Mini still tries to steal treats from me. I don't gobble as fast as her, but that doesn't mean I should have my treats stolen.

9. I should get a Gizzy quilt to snuggle on when my girlfriendcat Sabrina comes over. Period.

10. I still have an extra sisfur over at Kashim and Othello's. I didn't need an extra sisfur. That she's purrty all right doesn't matter. She's still another sisfur. Maybe she'll pretend to be a brofur. That would help.

Stoopid new year to not fix all that. What good is a new year if it's just like the old year? Hmph.

Well, I'm going over to stop by Sabrina's and see if she wants to go to the Meezer's house trashing with me. That could be lots of fun. If it's not fun enough, we can come here and trash the house here. Right under the beans noses. hehehe

your bud Pepi