Dec 28, 2008

Hi everycat!

Hi yall,
Mommy and Grandma Cat have been lazy!  Well lazy bout helpin us blog, anyways.  Furriday Mommy and Grandma Cat went shoppin.  Mommy used a cane to walk wif and that helped some and wheelie things too and that helped. They she came home and conked out. I meowed at her but she just sawed lots of logs. Then yesterday they wented away all day long!  They wented down to see Uncle Roman I founded out. I wish they'd broght him back cuz he's a good uncle. Gree likes to sleep on him, too. But they saided they had a good time anyways.

We was furry sorry to go to CB and find out two ofour furriends hadta go to the Bridge the last couplea days. We's sending lots and lotsa purrs to Icon Baxter Bentley's fambly and to Radcliff's fambly.

We'll visit when we can. Mommy's knee is very hurty cuz of all the stoopid walkin round n travelin and I dunno if she's gonna be awake much today. Silly Mommy. She said she hadta get out tho. Pepi says he knows how she feels.
Oh oh oh! Fank yoo all for the purrty Chrissymouse cards! I hope we got one to alla yall, but in case we didn't (stoopid injured sekretary issues) pleeze furgive us. We wanted to, but we's not sure Mommy gotted all of them for us out iin tha mails.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
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