Nov 5, 2008

Mom blogjacking again :)

Hey cats and folks,

It's me, the Mom, taking over the blog for a minute. Several folks have been concerned about me because I couldn't continue with the Carnival of the Cats due to my health. Yes, I have bronchitis, but I'm not croaking or anything. I do have bipolar disorder, though, as you probably know, and one thing I need to do to manage this illness is keep a low stress level as possible. Well, with the economy tanking lately, I'm having to run like a gerbil in a wheel just to keep myself afloat financially and keep the kitties in kibble and treats. There is a reason the phrase starving artist exists, after all. :) Right now my work is about all I can commit to, and ML who has help me with CotC is swamped too. So I asked Mog aka Miz Mog if she would take on the Carnival. I feel really lucky and tickled that she said yes because I know the Carnival is in good hands. She's been a long time Carnival huckster, adores her kitties, and has the energy for it. So I'm really excited that she'll be working with the Carnival now. Please do pop by the Carnival site or her site and welcome her. And please don't worry that I've been secretly harboring some horrid illness. I'm ok, just working to stay that way.

*hugs* and *scritches* all around,
Robyn (Am I a Hottie too? LOL!)