Oct 14, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

I am a tuxie, of course. See my purrty tuxedo?

I like milk. Since I'm a tuxie and I like milk, tuxies like milk. hehehe

I especially like this yummy milk Mom gets in the glass bottles. It doesn't taste like the milk in the plastic bottles. It's MUCH yummier! PLUS the glass bottles get recycled! So yeah Karl, we take the dare. I am not allowed on the counter, so I couldn't get the photographer to show me with the milk. And we're late as usual, considering our typist. It helps the environment anyways, though. We're trying to drink as much milk as we can to help recycle the glass bottles a lot. Too bad we're only allowed a tiny bit at a time. Maybe we should get the beans to give us a tiny bit a squillion times a day. More recycling that way!

Mrs. Othello