Oct 4, 2008

Fishie Flakes

Since cats asked, here's my fishie flakes. Not the Mama sent the Cosmic ones to us to see if we liked them, cuz his kitties didn't like them much. They smelled sooooooo good that I ate them all. (The other Hotties love the smell but won't eat them.) Well, I didn't eat them all at once. Mom wouldn't let me.

When I ran out, Mom went "Eww these are expensive." (Mom note: Half oz $4+, 1 Oz $7+) I was afraid she wasn't going to get me any more. I pouted.

But Mom is pretty smart and she hunts online. So she found these. A BIG bag of fishie flakes!

Mom says they are 3.2 oz for $7 so it's over 3 times as much! I promised I'd eat them all, so she got them. Um, yeah I ate a whole bag of them over the past few months. heheh Mom gets them at the local Asian market. She says you can get them online too. They are just as yummy as the Cosmic ones. Really, they're the same thing. In Asia they use these fishie flakes for soup stock and in rice balls and stuff. They call them katsuobushi (bonito flakes), but in Asia bonito soup stock is made from skipjack tuna they call bonito. So they're really tuna flakes!

I think it's time for a fishie flake snack now. Nom nom nom.

Mrs. Othello